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Describe the slurry or sludge which requires suspended solids density measurement: Primary sewageSecondary SewageSand/Clay/SiltLiquid is waterIndustrial sludgeOther - specify:
If Industrial sludge, list the predominant chemicals:
Are there bubbles in the liquid? YesNo
Maximum solids concentration: PPMmg/L (10,000 PPM=1% S.S.)
Accuracy required (if known): ± PPMmg/L
Maximum temperature of liquid: °C°F
Pressure: psigbarKps
Power Available: 120/60220/50240/50Other Specify:
Coaxial cable length required: MetresFeet
from Probe to Controller (50ft/15m is standard)
Pick up head style required: Throw-in probe - Model 502-TPInline pipe spoolpiece - Model 502-IL
if inline, specify pipe size:
Number of suspended solids meters required:
Other comments or needs:

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