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Type of Separator:  Gravity Clarifier Circular Rectangular Inclined Plate Thickener Dissolved Air Flotation (Sludge above, liquid below) Other - specify:
Traveling Scrapers and Skimmers? Does the separator have a traveling bottom scraper?  Yes No
Does the separator have a traveling top skimmer?  Yes No
Solids Concentration and Color: Liquid infeed: mg/L Color:
Underflow Sludge: mg/L Color:
Overflow Liquid: mg/L Color:
Note: Describe colour, i.e. pale gingerale, dark brown, water clear, milk, etc.
Liquid and Sludge Characteristics pH:
Temperature:  °C °F
 Sewage, Primary Sewage, Secondary
 Industrial Sludge List Major Components:
 Liquid is water
 Other - List major chemicals:
Depth (Gravity Settlers) Total Depth (Liquid + Sludge):  inches cm
Sludge depth from bottom of tank ranges from to  inches cm
Sludge depth readout desired from:

 Bottom of tank up to sludge/liquid interface Liquid surface down to sludge/liquid interface
Power Available:  120/60 220/50 240/50 Other Specify:
Cable length required:  Metres Feet from Probe to Controller (50ft/15m is standard)
Dissolved Air Flotation Only

Provide cross-section elevation with dimensions from sludge surface to bottom of skimmers, and to bottom of sludge baffle and to tank bottom. Also supply sludge layer thickness desired, both maximum and minimum. We prefer dimensioned plan and cross section drawings via mail or fax. Please do not fax us miniatures. Fax full size segments and we will paste it back together here.

If you prefer, you may upload a drawing here:

Number How many instruments are required?
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