Our Products

Markland Specialty Engineering offers a family of process control instrumentation:

Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

An excellent and reliable method of monitoring sludge blanket levels. See how sludge interface detection is better than timed pumping.

Suspended Solids Meter

Available as a throw-in probe or an inline spoolpiece, the Suspended Solids Meter uses attenuated ultrasound, making it an ideal choice for use when concentrations are too thick for optical meters yet nuclear metering is unnecessary.

Portable Sludge Blanket Level Detector — the Sludge Gun ®

An affordable device for any application, including lagoons, clarifiers, and DAF tanks/thickeners. Simply lower the sensor and pull the trigger. The gun sounds when the sensor detects the sludge level interface. The durable body ensures a a long life with minimal maintenance.

Automatic Duckbill Sampler

A simple, yet effective sampling system, with virtually no moving parts to break down. Sample automatically and easily.