Improve efficiency.
Improve effectiveness.
Reduce costs.

Since 1967, Markland Specialty Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process monitoring and control instrumentation that is valued by operators, managers and consultants, in diverse sectors, around the globe:

  • Municipal water & wastewater treatment to measure primary, secondary, return-activated, and backwash sludge;
  • Industrial processing and water & wastewater clarification in mining operations; petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, mineral & chemical manufacture; pulp-and-paper & power generation plants.


Reduce your energy and maintenance costs

  • Run desludge pumps only when necessary.

Avoid costly overflows

  • Maintain your preferred sludge depth.

Optimize your chemical dosing

  • Know the density of your sludge or slurry.

Lower your costs for additional processing

  • Maximize your sludge concentration.

Facilitate regulatory compliance monitoring

  • Automate composite sampling.

We offer, at no-charge, a complete engineering report of our instrument’s response to your material. Markland works to ensure that our products are well suited for each application, and has built a reputation for reliable instruments, factory-direct support and fast delivery

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